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Gauteng Self Storage Facilities

As we go through life, we accumulate a lot of "stuff" that may be useful or sentimental, but we may not have enough space in our dwellings to store it all. This is where having self storage facilities in the Gauteng area can help ease the load and clear the clutter, storing your … [Read More...]

How to use Milk Cartons as Storage Containers

Reduce, reuse, and recycle – three buzz words in today’s environmentally consciousness world. We need to use our resources in a more sustainable way, so using our creativity to reuse items we would normally throw away is one way of reducing the waste we create. An item that is easily … [Read More...]

Polystyrene Food Containers

Polystyrene food containers are great for storing food, taking items to bring and braais or other events, transporting food to sell or keeping produce fresh for any occasion. They are relatively inexpensive and great for individuals who work in the catering industry. They are also … [Read More...]

Portable Accommodation Containers

If you are in need of a moveable living space for you, your staff or family, you might want to find out about portable accommodation containers. It is often a good idea, especially for construction companies whose staff usually need to work through the night, to hire or purchase some form … [Read More...]

Plastic Fruit Bins

If you are a fruit retailer or for some other reason, you need to store a large amount of fruit, you should definitely find a supplier of plastic fruit bins, as they are a great way to safely and hygienically store fruit, vegetables and other perishable products. You could also use … [Read More...]

Offshore Container Hire

There are many different types of offshore container to choose from and a range of companies who offer a range of offshore services as well as offshore containers to clients. It is important to get the right container for the job and also to make sure that it is fully certified and in line … [Read More...]