Containers for Sale

Find containers for sale in Gauteng, Cape Town or Durban to keep your bulky goods, or store things that you need to have transported around the world. Containers are ideal for shipping because they are extremely durable and weather proof, and because they can carry a vast amount of stuff in a small space. Prices vary dramatically depending on the sizes you want and whether you purchase a new container or a second hand one. Used containers are slightly cheaper, and offer you all of the benefits of a new one. If you need to store or ship your goods then this might be the perfect option for you.

You might not know where to look for containers for sale, as they are not exactly fashionable purchases. The best place to look is online, and in shipping magazines or notice boards. In Cape Town and Durban these are fairly common because they are coastal towns, but in Gauteng there are still plenty of places to look. Obviously is always a good place to start looking for anything, even if all you find are links to partner sites. Prices are often displayed online for both new and second hand options, and you can find out what the previous owner had used them for. This helps you to avoid awkward face to face meetings, and helps you to search for the sizes you need.

There are a number of places where containers are stored in South Africa including coastal areas like Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth and inland areas like Gauteng. The great thing about containers is that they can be transported by train or via shipping channels. For new, or used containers, keep your eyes on the newspapers, gumtree and in magazines.